Golden Tickets!

The opportunity every artist is looking for

Because the venue for Helper Plein Air is a full time fine arts gallery, we have an opportunity to offer our participating artists something few if any other events can... 

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket is totally desperate to obtain the impossible, one of the 5 Golden Tickets to Wonka's Chocolate wonderland.

Fine artists are often desperately seeking something as well, what sometimes feels like the impossible... Gallery Representation.


Here is where Helper Plein Air sets itself apart from the other plein air events, 5 of our participating artists will win a Golden Ticket for the high quality of the body of work they produce during our event as judged by a panel of their peers.

Winning this ticket is your invitation to show your work at Adams Fine Arts Gallery for one full year! So get those easels and pochades humming because this award could keep paying dividends all year long!